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The Breeze HorrorA Spaceshuttle Accident Leaves The Idyllic Beach Community Of Breeze Island Under A Toxic Cloud But Those Killed By The Strange Poison Become Flesh Eating Zombies, Relentlessly Stalking The Survivors Of The Catastrophe Survivor Sandy Galatti Is Marked By The Zombie Leader As His Mate, And Her Determined Struggle For Freedom Erupts Into Shocking Violence.

Free Download The Breeze Horror Author Candace Caponegro  – downloading–
  • Paperback
  • 316 pages
  • The Breeze Horror
  • Candace Caponegro
  • English
  • 16 October 2018
  • 9780451400758

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About the Author: Candace Caponegro

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Breeze Horror book, this is one of the most wanted Candace Caponegro author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “The Breeze Horror

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    Here s the cover of the Onyx mass market published in Feb 1988, but with a 1987 copyright date Kind of a misleading cover, considering this is supposedly a splatterpunk esque zombie novel I thought it was literally about a spooky breeze or something, so I d always passed it up while out boo...

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    When a space shuttle carrying toxic waste collides with a meteor, contaminated rain pours down, infecting everyone it touches, causing their bodies to decompose, but leaving their minds intact The frightened residents of Sea Breeze Island quarantine the infected on the beach The beachers come to resent the norms and plan their revenge, becoming sadistic as their bodies become decayed.A different kind of zombie book, these zombies or beachers aren t interested in eating brains They prefer inflicting pain and torturing the norms The beachers aren t brain dead monsters Their anger and hatred of friends and family is because of how they were treated after they became infected.It s refreshing to read a book that lets you get inside the head of a zombie They had motivations and personalities, just like the rest of the characters It s always interesting when a villain isn t just inherently evil I even felt sorry for a few of them Are the monsters the unlucky ones caught in the rain, or the ones who refused to help the infected But I don t think what the beac...

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    This is gonna be a quick not really overview and not go into too much but will have spoilers on the end. kinda It starts out following a guy named Mason, enjoying the high off some pills, his peaceful bliss and him reminiscing on a old lover Cassie Looks at a bird catches it and you think he s just gonna pet it and let it go, but instead rips its head off Okay this book got it rolling fast Then changes to a woman In the car with her year old son, and hear about the space junk is hurtling back to earth New York mostly The woman Sandy decides to go to her vacation home on a small island thinking she ll meet up with her parents there They never show up For three days a bad storm messes up the small island town, the only way off the island a bridge crumbles, a shelter for hundreds of people caves in, power goes out, and anyone out in the rain gets burned and dies. mostly.After the storm theres the clean up and wounded from the rain are just sat on the beach. and left. the dead too They look gross so yeah. like really bad ew. plus theres not much you can do to help them but give water and some food But most of the town people have a air of out of sight, out of mind that just gets worse and worse as the book go on To the point people that where not caught in the rain are called norms and the grotesque looking people on the beach are called drum rolls beachers In not gonna be to hard on that because that...

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    This definitely was one of the most unusual novels dealing with undead zombie like creatures I ve ever read Sometimes I had to think on Lord of the Flies or a parable when you have a close look at the Beachers, the Norms and their interaction You definitely keep reading on as you want to know how the story about Sandy and Mason ends There also are some shocking elements in this...

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    2.5 rounded up to 3 for audacity.This was my first attempt at reading anything splatterpunk There was some good and some bad.The villains are best described as zombies, but even disgusting, without contagious bites and with additional powers and intelligence It s kind of an unholy mixture of Return of the Living Dead, The Mist, Dark Phoenix, early Cronenberg and Snooki only weirder and darker than even that combo would be.Ms Caponegro, in what is apparently her only published work, wrote a very readable novel that could ve used some polishing The limited perspective lessens the feeling of isolation Character...

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    Very much in the late 80s 90s splatterpunk mode, this is a fast paced apocalyptic horror novel full of cruelty, gross imagery and gore, gore, gore A space shuttle accident results in Earth being showered with toxic waste, which pours down in a toxic black rain, poisoning everyone it touches A townful of survivors, in an island in the Northeastern U.S., struggle to deal with the apocalypse, but things get worse WAY worse when those who were poisoned, but not quite killed, by the rain start to mutate into rotten, hate filled, psychic powered undead monsters.A very grim, nasty novel with a bleak view of humanity, The Breeze Horror has many things that make it hard to read a frequently victimized female lead a semi sympathetic portrayal of a rapist pervert and while I m listing things, a rather offensive accent for a...

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    This is something of a zombie novel, but not completely A massive outbreak hits the planet Most of the population become diseased and mutate As time goes on, the diseased population go from mistreated dregs to the controlling majority as not only do they regain their strength, they gain psychic abilities as well Fo...

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    I found this book at the book store where I used to work I was behind the counter, gathering a stack of books to put out on the shelves, and there it was, randomly sitting on a table My eyes were immediately drawn to the strange and morbid cover art so I bought it and took it home Man am I glad I did I love 80 s horror and I try to read as much of it as possible This one is from 87 and has that full on, 1980 s apocalyptic vibe I kind of expected it to be of a quiet horror novel with violence and scares here and there, but what I got instead was a gore soaked survival story This being the first end of the world story that I ve ever read, I really enjoyed it and felt that it was a great introduction to this sub genre The book does start off fairly quiet but builds and builds and becomes violent...

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    Just reread this First released in 1987, it had a rerelease in the last few years Minor spoilers included It s often classified as a splatterpunk novel, which confuses me a bit There s not much splatter I can only imagine what this would read like if written by Schow or Garten , which is fine by me But, it does operate from a base level of grossness that is higher than usual Basic concept countries have started sending highly toxic materials to outer space A rocket carrying a load crashes with a meteorite over NYC NJ Anyone touched by the rain that falls after becomes a zombie, although one that doesn t want to eat brains and develops telepathic powers The action takes place on Sea Breeze Island off the Jersey Shore, the only place where people have even survived any trips to the shore show mass devastation, and the chemicals on the ground kill on contact I really really like this book I bought it used for 50 cents sometime in either high school or college and I still have it I ve held onto it during all the moves because I had a feeling it would be hard to find easier now, thanks to the rerelease.One of the reasons I like it is that the main...

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    I have read a countless amount of Zombie Apocalypse Infected books over the years, as its my favourite genre to read I can safely say this is the most original infected book i ve ever read Despite being first published nearly 30 years old, there hasn t been a book since that co...

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