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Adversus haeresesIt Follows Then, As Of Course, That These Men Must Either Receive The Rest Of His Narrative, Or Else Reject These Parts Also For No Persons Of Common Sense Can Permit Them To Receive Some Things Recounted By Luke As Being True, And To Set Others Aside, As If He Had Not Known The Truth And If Indeed Marcion S Followers Reject These, They Will Then Possess No Gospel For, Curtailing That According To Luke, As I Have Said Already, They Boast In Having The Gospel In What Remains

Download Adversus haereses author Irenaeus of Lyons  – downloading–
  • Paperback
  • 96 pages
  • Adversus haereses
  • Irenaeus of Lyons
  • English
  • 14 January 2018
  • 9781419126741

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About the Author: Irenaeus of Lyons

St Irenaeus 2nd cenutry C.E c 202 was Bishop of Lugdunum in Gaul, then a part of the Roman Empire now Lyons, France He was an early church father and apologist, and his writings were formative in the early development of Christian theology Irenaeus best known book, Adversus Haereses or Against Heresies c 180 is a detailed attack on Gnosticism, which was then a serious threat to the

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    An excellent translation with extensive notes of the most important work written in the second century Take up, read it, live it.

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    Irenaeus can be very hard to read and at times you find yourself nodding off and losing concentration Still, the good bits are really good and he has some excellent theological reflections on several important topics.

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    Book 3 of Against the Heresies is much focused on positively stating Christian doctrine Most of book 3 deals with Scripture proofs that counteract the heretics But before engaging in the heretics on with Scripture itself Irenaeus makes the case that the Gospels contain accurate tradition from the apostles and that the oral tradition preserved in the orthodox church faithfully preserved apostolic teaching This leads to an interesting discussion about the composition of the Gospels including order of composition Matthew, Luke, Mark in chapter 1 and about the succession of the bishops of Rome in chapter 2 Irenaeus s discussion of Scripture and tradition set the church down a trajectory that would need to be corrected by the Reformation Two things should be noted in Irenaeus s defense First, his argument made good sense in its time in general the church did preserve a accurate tradition of apostolic teaching than the heretics though this tradition was not always accurate, see 2.22.5 6 Second, Irenaeus locates apostolic tradition, in the first place, in the written Gospels, and he bases his arguments on Scripture The main thrust of book 3 is that there is only one God and that Jesus is the same God as the Father Noteworthy passages in book 3 are the discussion of the various OT covenants 3.11.8 and the discussion of the virgin birth prophecy of Isa 7 3.12 A discussion of Irenaeus s distinctive doctrine of recapitulation takes place in 3.23.Note especially Irenaues s comments about the manifest authority of the four Gospels Now, the authority of these Gospels is so great that the heretics themselves bear witness to them, and each one of them tries to establish his doctrine with the Gospels as a starting point The Ebionites use only the Gospel of Matthew Marcion, on the other hand, mutilated the gospel according to Luke Those, however, who prefer the Gospel of Mark and divide Jesus from Christ, and assert that Christ remained impassible but that Jesus suffered, can be corrected if they read this Gospel with a love for the truth Finally, the followers of Valentinus, who make very ample use of the Gospel according to John 3.11.7

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    If you want to know exactly what it means to be a Christian, read this volume of Against Heresies Written in the 2nd century, I don t think it s ever been matched as perhaps the clearest and most concise description of having faith in God through Jesus.

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    Incredible Must read.

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