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Vampires Kiss (Guardians #3) He S No Guardian Angel Being The First Vampire Guardian Ever Created, Seth Ruiz Struggles With His Identity While His Sanity Balances On A Razor S Edge, It S Only A Matter Of Time Before He Succumbs To The Evil Inside Him When Realization Strikes That The Fiery Kaitlyn Belongs To Him, He Must Not Only Battle His Past Demons, But Fight His Desire To Claim Her Or Chance Killing Them Both She S A Demon Slayer Handed A Dagger As A Child, Kaitlyn O Hara Has Slaughtered Demons Her Entire Life It Should Come As No Surprise That She Is Also Destined To Save A Crazy Vampire When Fate Reveals Her True Identity, She Must Search Her Heart For The Courage To Move Forward Katie Holds The Key To Help Save Humanity With Seth S Dark Side Edging Closer, He Prays He Can Keep It Together Long Enough To Protect Her Through The Challenges She Must Face However, He Could Prove To Be Her Biggest Threat He Fights His Desire To Claim Her She Battles To Save Him Together They Wage War To Protect Humanity Survival May Come At A Price This Book Formerly Published As Primal Hunger Revised 2nd Edition.

Free Vampires Kiss (Guardians #3)  Author Valerie Twombly  – downloading–
  • Kindle Edition
  • 278 pages
  • Vampires Kiss (Guardians #3)
  • Valerie Twombly
  • 01 March 2019

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About the Author: Valerie Twombly

Award winning and bestselling author Valerie Twombly grew up watching Dark Shadows over her mother s shoulder, and from there her love of the fanged creatures blossomed Today, Valerie has decided to take her darker, sensual side and put it to paper When she is not busy creating a world full of steamy, hot men and strong, seductive women, she juggles her time between a full time job, hubby and he

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    4.5 Primal Stars Primal Hunger is book three in the Guardians series by Valerie Twombly We start right where we left off in Fatal Desire and Ms Twombly does not give us a moment to catch our breath We are pulled right back into the world and war going on.Seth, a Guardian WOW, we learn about his creation and his powers Kaitlyn aka Katie is then human Dame these two worked well together Even though Seth is fighting the mating, Seth this is futile , he still wants to protect his Katie from himself It was great to finally get into his head and see the turmoil and struggles he deals with Katie, is one feisty heroine I love a feisty women and one who can give as good as she gets She gives Baal a run for his money Oh course she learns a whole lot of information in a very short time and deals with it qu...

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    Check out this review and others twinsietalkNewsletter Vampire s Kiss Guardians 3 by Valerie TwomblyI purchased this book.GAH I finished book 2 and legit started to read book 3 I was so excited for Seth story He is super broody and grumpy but after hearing about his creation.poor dude To carry around the memories of all the people you drink from AND you are 1,000 years old UHM Hard Pass T say I understand his needs to get out of is own head is an understatement To say I GOT why he did the things he did to numb his brain, it totally understandable To say I felt bad for his fear of accepting a mate and growing to care and love her not knowing if he would become horrible monster..again I get The dudes been through A LOT Katie is a human caught in an immortal world or is she The story of Katie and her family was interesting I loved seeing her struggle with all the NEW parts of her but also with this whole Mating business To be a successful, independent women who now has this grumpy man pushing you away but also needing him in ...

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    I know I ve said it before, but I am really impressed with the world that Valerie Twombly has created Sexy vampires, dragons, demons what s not to love This book focuses on Seth s story You get all of the background on the first guardian and learn what plagues his mind and tarnishes his soul I think that Twombly did a great job with his story There is a lot of raw emotion guilt, pain, sorrow these emotions alone would be enough to cripple anyone but add in a curse that is slowly turning the guardians into pure evil and these emotions are amplified enough to drive even the strongest to the breaking point Seth is at that point The depiction of madness that plagues him is just brilliant It is dark and edgy Seth will go to any length to to hold on enough to do his part to save humanity except take his mate or anyone else down with him.Of course, a man like Seth can t have an ordinary mate and Twombly did a great job of crafting the perfect counterpart to the demented vampire Katie is strong and smart She s doesn t intimidate easily and she doesn t take shit off anyone Katie has had her share of heartbreak but it only serves to fuel her passions She doesn t know how to give up She is definitely the type of strong heroine needed to pull Seth back from the brink.Now, I will say that there were some things that had me scratching...

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    Love love love Seth Baal was awesome Katie was strong and stubborn but perfect for Seth Gabriel wanted to growl at Lowan really really want to smack upside the head This is the angsty love story of Seth and Katie Their coming together as mates though is important in many ways First to save both of them one from going insane and going to the dark side the other from dying Seth is needed to help katie become who she is meant to be Katie is needed to keep Seth from going down the path to insanity and darkness Second, their coming together helps the fight against Lowan Not sure how yet but it does Watching these two stubbornly resist each other while helping each other is great Ms Twombly has written a sexy angsty and yet sweet when you see why Seth is resisting love story that has such significance and meaning for not only them but those around them as well Seth is a sweet upstanding guy who is dealing with a curse that is slowly killing him In reality he is tired and wants to be left in peace Katie is the only light in his life She brings him sunshine and for her he brings her a sense of love from someone other than her parents Something she never thought she needed, want...

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    Mousiey has a yummy book for you this morning It is the 3rd book in the Guardian series by none other than our own Valerie Twombly This book is called PRIMAL HUNGER , I was given an ARC in exchange for my opinion This is mousieys very honest opinion if her totally amazing nail biting kick ass book.Ms Twombly has a way with words that she is able to give her characters a life beyond ones imagination, As Katie and Seth go through the turmoil together you can actually see these 2 you can picture their surroundings right down to the littlest thing she mentions.Genre Paranormal Author Valerie TwomblyReleased date January 2015This book is filled with good vs evil You have a human by the name of Katie who unknown to her holds a dagger that can kill an immortal When her poppi dies suddenly from an attack by demons Seth is with her in the hospital giving her father the opportunity to say a final goodbye to his beloved daughter He tells her that in the safe is a letter from her mother she needs to read Now Seth is accompanied by a demon name Baal Baal is Seth s babysitter he has been sent to make sure that Katie and Seth mate You see they are each other s mates.In finding the letter Katie finds out that she has to mate before the age of 30 which is just 2 wks away And she needs to find the tomb which ho...

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    I was looking forward to reading Seth s story, and I sure was not disappointed With the curse slowly driving him to insanity, you know there had to be a good story behind how he became the way he isand how he could be saved.Kaitlyn is a very strong and smart female lead, and a good match to Seth s equally strong, cunning and stubborn nature The two of them together don t quite click all the way for me, I think due to just how overly strong both their characters are But thankfully for me that didn t really take away from the overall story Now that we re into the third book of the series, most of the secondary characters we ve been reading about for a while, so they are all becoming even well developed And as we learn and about all of them, it makes you want to know all of their own stories even honestly, this series has the potential to go on for quite a while a big plus for us readers.The story itself flows very well, and really does draw you in I read this almost straight through Lots of drama, lots of action, plus I really like in this series that not only are we getting the story from the male and female leads POV, but also from other characters This helps not only to add depth to the individual stories, but also to the overall series And you re also going to get plenty of hot and steamy here especially since there s a lot of sexual ten...

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    A WONDERFUL BOOK YOU DON T WANT TO MISS, LIKE ANGELS,DEAMONS,DRAGONS,PHOENIX.ANYTHING LIKE THIS YOU WILL FIND, From the time I started this book I have not put it now for then 30 min and that was to do something like COFFEE,COFFEE.The story of poor Katie,she gets so much throw at her all at once A lot of truths that she though were just made up stories But when being told these things in a letter from her long dead mother what could she do but believe And as things play out even will be reveled to her.But she will want to fight it all the way And the guardian Seth, the first one the gods ever made, the only first made still alive.He thinks his life is over, he is losing it, getting out of control and has made arraignments for his death if he turns bad I have always loved the stories about how the god...

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    I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Valerie Twombly This is book 3 of the Guardian series by the author.Seth was the first guardian created by Zarek, for protecting humanity Through out the years the voices have grown stronger in Seth s head and he knew 1 day they would drive him completely crazy and cast him into darkness Kaitlyn fought demons with a sp...

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I very much enjoyed Seth and Katie s story I finally felt like I could connect with the characters I loved the twists and turns of the plot As you get to know Seth, you can understand why he acts as he does When he drinks blood, he absorbs that person s memories and they become another voice in his head, ...

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    Another fabulous story to the Guardians series, if you love Christine Feehan then you will definitely love this series I can t seem to get enough of these hot sexy Guardians Seth and Kaitlyn have this attraction to each other that just seems to fit, but they keep fighting it Then a discovery they find changes so much for them There is so much ban...

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