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The Most Dangerous GameThe Most Dangerous Game Features As Its Main Character A Big Game Hunter From New York, Who Becomes Shipwrecked On An Isolated Island In The Caribbean, And Is Hunted By A Russian Aristocrat The Story Is An Inversion Of The Big Game Hunting Safaris In Africa And South America That Were Fashionable Among Wealthy Americans In The 1920s.

Free Download The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell  – downloading–
  • Kindle Edition
  • The Most Dangerous Game
  • Richard Connell
  • 21 June 2019

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About the Author: Richard Connell

Richard Edward Connell, Jr was an American author and journalist, best known for his short story The Most Dangerous Game Connell was one of the best known American short story writers of his time and his stories appeared in the Saturday Evening Post and Collier s Weekly Connell had equal success as a journalist and screenwriter He was nominated for an Academy Award in 1942 for best original

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    A Goodreads Pop Quiz QUESTION What do Gilligan, Jean Claude Van Damme, Homer Simpson and this Star Trek alien have in common ANSWER select the one that best applies 1 None of them could act their way out of a puff of smoke.2 They all starred in adaptations of Richard Connell s famous short story The Most Dangerous Game 3 They are all very happy NOT to be Jan Michael Vincent 4 All of the above.Yes, it was an easy, soft ball of a question the correct answer is 4 Removing the last vestiges of doubt regarding my nerdness, the alien is Tosk from the Star Trek DS9 episode, Captive Pursuit UNNECESSARY PLOT SUMMARY Given the number of movies and TV shows that have adapted the plot of this story, I feel dumb even summarizing it Therefore, I will be brief, like Kim Kardashian s marriage Big game hunting expert and luminary, Sanger Rainsford, falls off his yacht in the Caribbean and winds up on the island of Dr Moreau General Zaroff and his towering, gigantinormous Cossack servant Ivan General Zaroff, a fellow hunter and admirer of Rainsford has grown bored with the ease of murdering even the most dangerous of big game Removing his moral compass and setting it behind the glass of rationalization never to be touched again, the General has cured his malaise by tracking and hunting soylent green people Next target.Rainsford THOUGHTS Intelligent, well written an...

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    Richard Connell s The Most Dangerous Game is one of the most enduring and timeless short stories ever penned Its reputation is well deserved, as Connell grabs the reader instantly and spins a tale that while exciting, has broader implications than a simple adventure tale It is probably most famous today due to the film starring Joel McCrea and Fay Wray, which was shot around the same time as King Kong and used many of the same sets Connell s short story, while not having the feminine character or her brother, is equally atmospheric, and terribly exciting.Big Game hunter and writer Sanger Rainsford and his friend Whitney are aboard a yacht somewhere in the Caribbean, on their way to Brazil to hunt jaguars There is talk of a nervous crew as they pass Ship Trap Island, a mysterious place the sailors dread The talk of Rainsford and Whitney turns to the hunt, and it is this conversation between the two men about what the jaguar does or does not feel while being stalked that lies at the heart of this ta...

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    A man accidentally falls off a yacht at night, luckily or unluckily close to an ominous, dark island He soon discovers it is inhabited by a Russian big game hunter who has become bored with his easy success, and has now taken up hunting Man as it proves to be a bi...

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    5 Off there to the right somewhere is a large island, said Whitney It s rather a mystery What island is it Rainsford asked The old charts call it Ship Trap Island, Whitney replied A suggestive name, isn t it Sailors have a curious dread of the place I don t know why Some superstition This is why I love short stories It s a wonderful, well known classic, first published in 1924 Who needs a whole novel Who needs The Hunger Games I wouldn t be surprised if this was the inspiration but don t quote me if only a subconscious one It s a dark night when Rainsford, an experienced American hunter is aboard a yacht with Whitney, headed for new hunting grounds Whitney comments We should have some good hunting up the Great sport, hunting The best sport in the world agreed Rainsford For the hunter amended Whitney Not for the jaguar Don t talk rot, Whitney, said Rainsford You re a big game hunter, not a philosopher Who cares how a jaguar feels Perhaps the jaguar does, observed Whitney Bah They ve no understanding Even so, I rather think they understand one thing fear The fear of pain and the fear of death Nonsense, laughed Rainsf...

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    The Most Dangerous Game, by Richard Connell A very short classic story published in 1924 Regardless of the length, I don t think I have been scared by any book The story begins as 2 friends, skilled big game hunters, are sailing in the Caribbean on their way to hunt jaguar along the River One of th...

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    My favorite part of this 1924 story was a brief but satisfying cameo appearance by BORSCH, as in the rich, red soup with whipped cream so dear to Russian palates Excuse me for a second while I salivate Great sport, hunting The best sport in the world, agreed Rainsford For the hunter, amended Whitney Not for the jaguar Rainsford is a hunter who very conveniently for the plot purposes of this very compact story utters statements such as, The world is made up of two classes the hunters and the huntees Luckily, you and I are hunters Just a few pages later, having fallen off his yacht, he comes across a depraved Russian emigree General Zaroff The two man share a common passion hunting What they don t share is the idea that Rainsford should become prey in Zaroff s boredom induced hunting game on a secluded tropical island Rainsford, as you can imagine, is not too thrilled Life is for the strong, to be lived by the strong, and, if needs be, taken by the strong The weak of the world were put here to give the strong pleasure I am strong Why should I not use my gift If I wis...

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    The sensuous drowsiness of the night was on him It s so dark, he thought, that I could sleep without closing my eyes the night would be my eyelids Richard Connell s The Most Dangerous Game is, as the name suggests, an exciting and adventurous game A game of life and...

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    I read this in college, in a Lit class It was one of those exercises where the Professor gives you two stories and your supposed to compare them qualitatively I don t remember what the second story was, I found this one vastly superiorand really ticked off the prof You see, I was 30 when I went back to school to get a degree and apparently didn t have the proper deference for the professor s.position The man was an elitist snob who was impressed enough with himself for all of us anyway I have trouble with someone who believes he can tell everyone else what s to be found in a piece of fiction Maybe he can tell me what the writer said was in itbut to tell others what to find there still gets under my skin.By the way, I graduated with honors in spite of butting heads with a couple of profsThis is a well know story, it s been made into a movie, been used as the ba...

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    If you re out there for short stories, this one is for you Short but raised a lot of questions in my mind like what makes human different than animals Is it the desire that one hunts for fun rather than for food And the lines of psycho...

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    3.5 stars rounded up

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