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Graphics Essentials for Small Offices Those Employed By Small Businesses And Nonprofits Often Wear Many Hats And Some Fit Better Than Others Graphics May Be One Of Those Ill Fitting Hats If It Is, This Handbook Will Help You Decide Which Tasks To Take On, And Which To Outsource You Ll Learn The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital And Traditional Printing You Ll Also Learn How To Plan Your Marketing Budget, Cut Printing Costs, And Avoid Costly Mistakes Learn To Answer These Important Questions What Is Graphic Design And What Do I Need To Know About It How Do I Establish An Identity, Or Brand, For My Small Nonprofit Or Business What Do I Need To Know About Typography What Graphic File Formats Provide The Best Web Usability And Printed Results How Can I Make A Dull Image Look Better What Prepress Issues May Arise That I Need To Know About Can I Use Inexpensive Software And Still Get Good Results What Do I Need To Ask To Get Good Results From My Designer Or Printer Contains Illustrations, Bibliography And Glossary.

Download Graphics Essentials for Small Offices  author David Loeff  – downloading–
  • Kindle Edition
  • 104 pages
  • Graphics Essentials for Small Offices
  • David Loeff
  • 25 March 2019

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Author, David Loeff like Leff also writes and designs business publications A long time fan of science fiction and fantasy, he enjoys books that explore social as well as scientific themes, including those by Jack Vance and Frank Herbert Whatever inspires a sense of awe is what I like the best Whether that comes from the Arabian Nights or from popular science writing makes no difference It s

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    Graphics is an essential part of any small business, but it can be very difficult and confusing This book aims to make it a little easier.It is tempting to designate one of your employees as the graphics person, instead of using an outside vendor it s cheaper, right Can other employees pick up the slack while the person is learning PhotoShop or InDesign Will overtime be needed to keep up with the workload If you do use an outside printer, make sure that they are aware of your budget It helps no one if they deliver champagne graphics when all you have is a beer budget.Come up with some sort of corporate identity manual, which includes your logo with possible variations and the colors and print font to be used in your documents It s acceptable to re visit the manual from time to time to do any necessary revising, but few things say unprofessional like constantly changing fonts and colors from one document to the next You also need to decide what sort of text alignment will be used left aligned, or justified Don t use right aligned text unless absolutely necessary.When you are designing your page, resist the temptation to get creative and fancy Readability is most important Use color sparingly Put the headline right under the picture, and above the body text Use a serif font instead of a sans serif font the book explores the differences between them for body text A reader s eyes travel from top to bo...

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    This book read far too technical, and offered little help in the ways that I was expecting it to.

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