Reading The Long Walk Author Ruth Treeson – downloading–

The Long Walk Fifteen Year Old Rutka Awakes In A Barn To Silence There Are No Attack Dogs Barking, No Guards Shouting After Weeks Of Evading The Soviet Army By Marching Their Captives Around Germany, The Nazis Have Finally Given Up And Evaporated Into The NightRutka Embarks On A Harrowing Journey Back To Poland That Lands Her At The Catholic Boarding School Where She D Hidden From The Gestapo Until Her Capture Here, Among The Few Tattered Remnants Of Her Childhood, The Tragic Past Begins To Seep Through The Assumed Christian Names, The Mother Who Risked Everything To Find Her Lost Husband And The Sister Torn From Rutka S Arms By The PoliceConfronted By Unimaginable Loss, Rutka Nonetheless Finds Friends, Joy And Slowly, A Whole New Life In The United States

Reading The Long Walk  Author Ruth Treeson  – downloading–
  • Kindle Edition
  • 278 pages
  • The Long Walk
  • Ruth Treeson
  • 03 February 2019

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About the Author: Ruth Treeson

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Long Walk book, this is one of the most wanted Ruth Treeson author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “The Long Walk

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    This book was good in the sense of the look back on the author s life and her long journey to freedom That being said, some parts were extremely repetitive and the Kindle edition was AWFUL It was choppy and the chapter headings were crammed in with the rest of the paragraphs and it was hard to tell where a sentence started and ended sometimes There were also random hyphenations going on The part about reading this book that makes me feel the worst is that I grew to intensely dislike Ruth In EVERY situation and circumstance, she found a way to gripe about it and be negative In a way, I feel like I should respect the fact that when 97% of a person s family gets wiped out in the Holocaust, that it may difficult to see the sunny side of life But seriously EVERY single thing gets griped about and picked apart down to a shell of negativity The end of the book, where she finally falls in love and gets a good job is the ONLY time in the book that you feel good and then, that s only for a few pages and the book abruptly stops I was extremely surprised at the end of the book to read that the author was an English teacher because the writing and reminiscing was remedial at best The only reason I give the book 4 stars is because of the author s willingness to bare her soul and her memories for us as negative and dismal as they may be.

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    Absorbing and affecting taleRuth s suffered tremendous loss At the hand of the Nazis,losing her entire family The loss of her five year old sister was a particular torment to her heart Yet with exceptional bravery and hardship, and the help of fellowholocaust survivors, she eventually found a reason to go on.l read this book through to the end, late into the night,couldn t put it down.A

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    More polished than mostMore polished than mostYou can see right off that this is a professional author as opposed to most people just transcribing their memoirs I really liked all of the detail she put in about her childhood and life in Poland She made all of her family members come to life so that you could feel her love for them.

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    AMAZINGThis book was so good and touching and it is a perfect book for people who love to read about the Holocaust This book was so amazing and i never wanted to stop i always wanted to know what was going to happen next and where she would go next This book was so amazing and on some parts i even felt like crying because of how great and author she is and the amazing way she describes everything and everybody.I RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE

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    Heard this WWII survivor speak and was instantly intrigued to read the book in full I loved that this WWII story was the struggle and success in living life after being released from the concentration camps The day she woke up in a barn and discovered the quiet of the world finally at peace and the war over.

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    May 1945, At the end of war s day Only twelve l when the Nazis took her away Now fifteen and alone Wanting nothing than to go home But which way was home if you re expecting a Novel, this is not like a memoir Heart wrenching and powerful it felt like I was reading someone s diary I probably was.

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    The courage this young girl has is amazing I have read many books about the Holocaust, this is the story that starts at the end of the war She shares her story and all her struggles as she establishes herself as the survivor she is.

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    WonderfulTells what concentration camp survivor s endured after the war and freedom came I couldn t put the book down Would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in this genre.

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    A forever journey.The only thing I liked about this book is the lesson it teaches I am ashamed that America allowed this to happen Our power is still misplaced today This could happen to us.

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    Must read Excellent story about the Holocaust and what survivors went through I would recommend this book to anyone interested in World War 2.

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