Best We Shadows (Nights Dream, #1) Author Thomm Quackenbush – downloading–

We Shadows (Nights Dream, #1) After A Year Of Coasting Rather Than Living, Destroyed By Her Boyfriend Eliot S Death, Shane Valentine Matriculates Into His College She Begins To Build A New Life As A College Freshman, Only To Have It Stolen From Her One Night, When She Is Trying To Drown Her Sorrows At The Bottom Of A DaiquiriShe Wakes The Next Day In A Strange Apartment With Three Scars She Can T Remember And A Bloody Shirt On Her Walk Of Shame In Stolen Clothes, She Realizes That No One Aside For Her Roommate Roselyn, A Wiccan With Epilepsy, Remembers Her Unfortunately Three Occultists Are After Her To Fix The Mistake They Made And They Remember Her Too WellGideon, A Daemonic Being With An Penchant For Card, Finds Her And Assures Her He Is Going To Help Her Out Of His Own Sense Of Self Preservation After A Quick Trip To The Nameless Campus Drug Dealer, Whose Abilities Far Exceed The Selling Of Narcotics, Shane Begins On An Adventure To Figure Out What Was Done With Her And Why, To Regain A Life She Had Been Wasting In Mourning Then, She Begins To See Eliot S Ghosts And Realizes Even Chaos Cannot Be So Cut And Dry

Best We Shadows (Nights Dream, #1)  Author Thomm Quackenbush  – downloading–
  • Kindle Edition
  • 311 pages
  • We Shadows (Nights Dream, #1)
  • Thomm Quackenbush
  • English
  • 14 June 2019

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About the Author: Thomm Quackenbush

Thomm Quackenbush is an author and teacher in the Hudson Valley Double Dragon publishes four novels in his Night s Dream series We Shadows, Danse Macabre, and Artificial Gods, and Flies to Wanton Boys He has sold jewelry in Victorian England, confused children as a mad scientist, filed away books than anyone has ever read, and tried to inspire the learning disabled and gifted He is capab

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    The I read from indie authors, the sure I am that the real gems in the literary world are in no way connected to the big publishing houses Thomm Quackenbush s, Night s Dream series is one of those gems He has created a series that will pull it s reader to the underneath of it s pages and leave them enraptured in it s wake Thomm s writing style is as unique as it is eloquent This series exceeds expectations with it s remarkable world building and cast of characters The author has a way of breathing life into these characters and the world they inhabit I was definitely impressed by both the first and second book in this series.We Shadows was an outstanding debut I noticed little to no faults with it Shane s character really stood out to me as did her roommate, Roselyn Her journey to find the truth is an epic one The plot is extremely original and the way everything comes together through out the story makes it clear that the author put ...

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    I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review The book We Shadows by Thomm Quakenbush is one of the most engaging books I ve ever read It is about a woman named Shane who, by the powers of magic worl...

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    Overall I love this book, the beginning reads a bit slow but it picks up and turns out to be awesome I ve read his latter books as well and I found them to be great, and smoother to read then this one but who expects perfection from an author s first book But over all the plot is interest...

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    Synopsis Poor old Shane Born with a boy s name Heart broken by a boy who killed himself Hunted and harassed by other boys at her college Life s never going to be easy, but at least she is alive For now Supernatural forces move after her and around her, drawing her away from the mundane world, but never letting her leave They play with her mind, her heart, her soul Thankfully, there are those on her side, too Those who refuse to give up on her, who refuse to forget her Maybe, between them, they can put things right again.It may be just my imagination, but it seems like the teenage girl supernatural mix has now become its own distinct genre A high percentage of review requests I receive are of this nature I have to admit, it s not my favourite genre Yes, Buffy was exceptional, but that s an exception An exceptional exception With any story, there s the good and the bad And, if you re lucky, the intriguing There are, for example, things in this story I didn t like Mainly style wise The bouncing around of perspectives focus within chapters, for example Shane s style of diary writing is irritating Girl a character named Girl is, at least initially, a vapid pain in the arse Phoebe from Friends wi...

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    3.5I have to be honest I only kinda, sorta, maybe understand what just happened at the end of this book It feels like things wrapped up, but I don t actually know what happened Did she Didn t she Was she Wasn t she Will she Won t she Ok, now I just sound a bit like Girl At best it s a loose conclusion, though it does conclude Having said all of that, I quite enjoyed the ride Quackenbush has developed some really interesting characters in this book Some I know are poached from various mythologies, but they are all artfully integrated to create an engaging story The whole thing just felt a little shallow though I don t necessarily mean that as a harsh criticism The characters had enough depth, there weren t too many deep plot holes and dialogue flowed well, but for all of the philosophy spouted, decisions made and actions taken very little deep explanation was ever given It all led to a feeling of glosslike looking at a water colour where you can clearly see what the picture is despite the fact that the lines are all indistinct and often wobbly As a result I regularly only kinda, sorta, maybe understand what just happened Then there was Girl She s was very Mad Hatter like, speaking in enlightened gibberish and riddlesand just in case you don t immediately note the similarity she liked to quote Carroll and have random tea parties too Actually, now that I think about it, I kind of wish I had paid attention throughout the book I d bet there are than a few Alice in Wond...

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    I bought this book based on the strength of the author s short story anthology Find What You Love and Let It Kill You I was not disappointed This is a very enjoyable book, mostly because of Quackenbush s prose and wit He has a extraordinary ability to mix metaphysical thought with wry humor.However, this book is not quite as strong as his anthology At times it can be confusing, as the plot gets lost in the meta thought I mentioned above There are several characters introduced at once, and sometimes the three boys that initiated Shane s troubles blend into each other It was the compelling nature of the book and the author s voice that kept me moving through the confusing It s not until about a third into the story that the plot become s firm and I understood sort of what was going on Once the plot hit its stride, I breezed through, having trouble putting the book away Gideon and Girl two supernatural being that haunt Annandale College presumably based on Bard College, in Annandale On Hudson, NY are two of the most interesting characters I ve had the pleasure to read.The end of the book is at once satisfying and confusing I m pretty that I understand what happened, but there s a sliver of doubt in my mind This isn t necessarily a bad thing It keep...

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    We Shadows is the first book in the Night s Dream Series.If I had to sum this up in one sentence, it would be You have to have quite the imagination to get into this one That being said, it was a very interesting book Most of the time I didn t know what was going on, so I am glad that it was only the first book Hopefully the other two will do better to explain what was happening After a night of drinking, the main character, Shane, ends up in a crazy world where she doesn t know if she is real or not Dead or alive Fact or Fiction She is in an in between state and only certain people can see her Mourning the loss of her boyfriend, she never really recovers from that sadness He is always the first thing on her mind While trying to uncover the secrets of Eliot s death and her own weird occurrences, she runs into...

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    Some of us find trouble by being in the wrong place at the wrong time For adolescent Shane, trouble happened because of her beloved boyfriend Ethan s six degrees of separation It was the people he knew and she didn t that started her downward spiral First Ethan, on a rare occasion without Shane, drowns an apparent suicide Then Shane enrolls at his alma mater, Annandale, an...

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    First let me state that I enjoyed reading this We Shadows by Thomm Quakenbush is an interesting story about a woman named Shane who is first introduced being in a New York bar She is next seen in a university dorm according to her diary entry, and from there the story keeps getting better As it moves along a set of unique, interesting characters are introduced As I kept reading on, this story kept getting better So much so that I can t wait to find out what happens in part two ...

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    Shane s first boy forfend before college dies of accidental downing and when she starts college where he was a student she attracts the attention of unwelcome forces, is this linked to her late boyfriend, her roommate or is something else afoot Not an avid fantasy reader I found this novel harder to get into and with no knowledge of this fantasy world a lit...

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