New I know your secret Author Mark Stewart – downloading–

I know your secret Everyone Has A Secret Some People Take Theirs To The Grave Some Hold Their Desires Inside For A Lifetime Some Stew On Their Secret All Their Life, And Then They Get RevengeI Know Your Secret Is A Suspenseful Crime Novel Detective Alan Kendal And His Partner Detective Claire Ambroso Have To Locate A Missing Teenage GirlKendal Is Shot Then Finds A Note That Reads, I Was Paid To Miss

New I know your secret  Author Mark  Stewart  – downloading–
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  • I know your secret
  • Mark Stewart
  • 14 January 2018

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About the Author: Mark Stewart

Mark Stewart lives in the picturesque Mornington Peninsula region of Melbourne, Australia He has four adult children and one grandchild and lives with his wife near the beach Mark draws all his inspiration for his books from the Australian culture, and from his diverse familial history He enjoys writing novels and novellas but also loves inspiring young minds though is literary works for childr

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    I really liked this book Synopsis Everyone has a secret Some people take theirs to the grave Some hold their desires inside for alifetime Some stew on their secret all their life, and then they get revenge I know your secreti s suspenseful crime nove Melbourne homicide detective Allan Kendal nad his partner Detective Claire Ambroso have to locate a missing teenage girl The case gets hot when he is introduced to a medium She seems to hold all the knowledge of the case expcet a few minor details, like, why did Kendal find an empty bullet shell that had a note inside that read I was paid to miss.

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