Free Poltergeisten by Ian Woodhead – downloading–

Poltergeisten When Julie S Husband Brings His New Workmate, Mark Clark Home, She Can T Wait To Get Rid Of Him What A Weird Looking Creep, She Felt His Hot Gaze On Her Every Time She Moved When Her Husband Casually Announces Plans To Take Her And The Creep To A New Indian Restaurant, She Blows Her Top But In The End Bows To His Pressure.She Soon Discovers To Her Terror That Mark Has Friends Waiting For Them, Mark Doesn T Want A Curry, He Wants Her.What Mark Wants, Mark Gets, His Friends Will See To That.

Free Poltergeisten  by Ian Woodhead  – downloading–
  • Kindle Edition
  • Poltergeisten
  • Ian Woodhead
  • English
  • 08 October 2018

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About the Author: Ian Woodhead

Ian Woodhead is just past the age of forty He lives in the north of England and is married to a wonderful woman He has forgotten how many children he has He had been writing for nearly twenty years but has only just gained the confidence to start showing his work Ian finds it a little creepy writing about himself in the third person.

10 thoughts on “Poltergeisten

  1. says:

    Far too short, it was as though it was over before it had really begun Which was a shame as I had just started to enjoy it.

  2. says:

    I liked this There was a lot of graphic content for such a short story This could have had a 4 star rating but it was just to darned short for my liking..sorry

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