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Trigger Mortis Her Name Was Celeste Pierce And She Was Marilyn Monroe And Jayne Mansfield All Rolled Into One In Short, She Was This Year S Hollywood Sensation Meaning That The Movie Magazine Without Her Picture Was As Rare As The War Novel Without Four Letter Words.But What Celeste Was Before She Became The Find Of The Year Wouldn T Look Quite So Well In Print, As Murray Carter Who Printed A Little Periodical Called BARE FACTS Politely Told Her.Just Before He Became The Late Murray Carter.

Free Read Trigger Mortis  Author Frank Kane  – downloading–
  • Paperback
  • 191 pages
  • Trigger Mortis
  • Frank Kane
  • 16 May 2017

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About the Author: Frank Kane

Frank Kane, Brooklyn born and a lifetime New Yorker, worked for many years in journalism and corporate public relations before shifting to fiction writing At the time he was selling crime stories to the pulps he was also sustaining a career writing scripts for such radio shows as Gangbusters and The Shadow.In addition to the Johnny Liddells, Kane wrote several suspense novels, some softcore eroti

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    Straight ahead pulpy private eye novel that is heavy on the sleazy sex and ultra violence Did a good job of keeping me guessing till the end.

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    Frank Kane was a news columnist He wrote stories for numerous publications and wrote screenplays But, most of all, he wrote stories about a PI named Johnny Lidell In all, he published at least 29 Lidell novels and hundreds of short stories Liddell is a tough, no nonsense PI whose first inclination is to ask questions with his fists He has a one man office in NYC with a redheaded secretary who tries to type without ruining her nails but has a witty sense of humor Trigger Mortis is a 1958 novel, recently republished by prologue books The book begins with an awesome description of Johnny lounging by a pool and being approached by Celeste Pierce in what was barely even a bikini with her assets fully displayed Celeste was the hottest movie star and her bust was featured in every magazine for the past six months She needs Johnny s help She s being blackmailed over some phot...

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    Highest possible recommendation I ve never read anything by Kane, let alone know anything about Johnny Liddell, but I m hooked I loved the language, the characters, the action, the mystery This is everything I wanted out of a pulpy detective story I ve g...

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    Synopsis Celeste Pierce was Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield rolled into one Murray Carter knew her secrets and then he was dead.

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    Was pretty disappointed by this one One of the other reviews claims that it s straight forward and pulpy I d agree.First, Kane does spend some time describing his characters physically, but not much, the problem is that they all look the same I think I was about 50 pages in before I realized I couldn t think of a character that didn t have red hair except Liddell although I don t know if we ever get a good description of him.Pretty much all of the women characters exist as sex symbols Celeste Pierce is the only woman with any motivations in the novel indeed, she gives the call to action but she is perfectly happy to let Johnny do all of the work Celeste does so little it hurts.The book was published back in 1958, so perhaps we can chalk some of this up to a different era with different sensibilities Still it was disappointing I picked this one up after hearing it shared the title with upcoming 007 novel by Anthony Horrowitz I know bond novels aren t renowned for their excellent treatment of women either but I sincerely hope that what I ve read here, is nothing like what I ll be reading on September 8th.I suppose I should give some credit to Kane though I did not figure out who dunnit until the last chapter I probably enjoyed the last chapter the most as its reliance on mystery convention Liddell gathers all the suspects together before revealing who the killer is felt right.Even so, a qui...

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    My second Kane book and already I notice some recycling Specifically, a description of a woman s assets The ending relies upon a piece of evidence that came out of the blue, so Ugh Both books hit their mark, so maybe 3 s isn t fair, but a...

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    Trigger Mortis starts out pretty well as a sort of James Ellroy sleazeball fest about a murdered scandal sheet writer but then it sinks into stale detective novel cliches It s a shame, too, because Frank Kane s writing style is imaginative Too bad he didn t have any ideas to match his technique.

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