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Storm's EndHOW MUCH COULD JULIE FORGIVE Julie Barclay Secretly Married Blaise Richards, A Man She Hardly Knew, In Return For The Cost Of An Operation Which Would Save Her Mother S Life.Andrew Barclay, Her Wealthy Grandfather, Made This Match As Penance For A Sin He Had Committed Almost Twenty Two Years Earlier, But Julie Would Never Forgive The Man.Haunted By A Strange Yearning For Blaise, Tormented By Blaise S Girl Friend, Rosalind, Pursued By Her Ex Fiance, Duane, Julie Had To Consider A Second Marriage While The First One Still Remained A Secret.

Free Read Storm's End by Sondra Stanford  – downloading–
  • Paperback
  • 189 pages
  • Storm's End
  • Sondra Stanford
  • English
  • 06 May 2019
  • 9780340267240

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About the Author: Sondra Stanford

Sondra Stanford is a 4th generation Texan Many of her stories are set in her beloved state although she enjoys traveling elsewhere in search of fresh locales for her books Sondra believes that love is life and she tries to reflect that philosophy in her work.

10 thoughts on “Storm's End

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    Note to self Hero is a cheating slimeball He went from the heroine s bed straight to his girlfriend s, no matter WHAT he said He didn t even have enough moral to be faithful to his girlfriend I just wanted to keep as much distance between us as possible, and one way of doing it was to continue seeing Rosalind on occasion because he was forced to marry the girl he has been lusting after.Yes that makes SO much sense And she was the injured party in this too So her grandfather forced her to marry this slimeball wasn t punishment enough, he had to dangle the OW, cheat on her, seduce h...

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    Let me start this review by sayinghuh I was left wondering many things while reading this book Old grandpa messes up BIG TIME and inadvertently causes the death of his OWN SON, waits until contacted by the MOTHER OF HIS GRANDCHILD before he reaches out then slams said granddaughter with the stipulation of marriage to his stepson BEFORE he will help out her sick mama Okaaayyy Did the hero only go out with the former current girlfriend, Rosalind, or did he do the deed Seconds, literally, from consummation and the phone rings the heroine answers THINKING it might be the hospital with news of her sick ma ma it s the former current girlfriend huskily asking for the hero the heroine, shockingly, no longer feels very amorous after the hero finishes the callAND THE HERO CALLS HER FRIGID OkaayyyyThese are just three of many ques...

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    I started this with zero expectations But it was surprisingly good It had a good story unlike most of the modern HPs Angsty goodness The heroine was snarky, immature and plain annoying Quite childish when she just couldn t let the bygones be bygones The hero though at times was cruel to the heroine, I could sympathize with him You could make out that the hero liked the heroine right from the beginning He was a sensitive and responsible man I...

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    HOW MUCH COULD JULIE FORGIVE Julie Barclay secretly married Blaise Richards, a man she hardly knew, in return for the cost of an operation which would save her mother s life.Andrew Barclay, her wealthy grandfather, made this match as penance for a sin he had committed almost twenty two years earlier, but Julie would never forgive the man.Haunted by a strange yearning for Blaise, tormented by Blaise s girl friend, Rosalind, pursued by her ex fiance, Duane, ...

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